The shaft park and the head frame

When you arrive, you’ll see many vehicles used underground, in this mine or any other mines, presenting the evolution of the techniques and tools through time.

Especially the self moving props’ system, the extraction techniques used on the last shaft in Gardanne, called “Morandat Shaft”, closed in 2003, now presented in a gallery reconstituted on the surface.

Also the 25 meters high head frame and one of the lifts used to transport miners and coal.

This park can be visited on your own or during the guided tour, some poles with signs giving some explanations, with the miners’ words about the different kinds of work they could do.

Geology Room

This room has been conceived by our scientific comity. Representing geology in relation with coal mines of the countryside: from the formation of coal and of its basin, to the arrangements at the closure of the last mine in 2003, without forgetting the exploitation issues resulting of this formation. There, many fossils and types of coal can be seen.

Models Room

This room presents many models of the Hély d’Oissel Shaft during its activity, of the Morandat Shaft, and of the underground work.

Engine Room

Preserved in its former state, this room has huge dimensions and shows the mechanist cabin and the last engine used from the 1950’s to move the lifts.

Because, a coal mine means many different works: this one, not very well known, is still very important, essential to the daily work.

Control Room

This room presents the natural dangers of coal mines through time, and the evolution of the means of security…without forgetting the extraordinary history of the Gallery to the Sea, to solve flooding problems…

Tools Room

A reconstitution of the underground…

What you’ll see in this room is a dark atmosphere, with just a few lights, like the life lived by the miners every day. Also, you will get to learn about the tools used in the mines, from the baskets carried by the apprentices, to different mechanical tools…